Daintree Spa Treatments

Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre offers you a wide range of massage and spa treatments.

Deepen your relaxation experience here with a luxurious treatment especially designed to nurture, pamper, and rejuvenate.

Massages, facials, Indian head massages, ear candling and detox packages, just to name a few of the indulgences to choose from.

Personally tailored treatments, with a touch of Indian influence, will take you on a special journey.  When it’s time to truly, deeply unwind…immerse yourself in a luxurious treatment especially designed for your needs, moods and preference.


Be wise, be decadent, love yourself – give to yourself.  It’s one precious life. 



A gentle cleansing, exfoliation and massage can wipe away the past, further deepening your relaxation and allowing your inner beauty to shine.  Using India’s leading Ayurveda products and combined to create your own, unique treatment with an Indian head massage, a foot pamper, an ion foot spa and /or a body massage.



A rhythmical, rejuvenating massage which removes toxins, increases flexibility and nourishes the body and soul.  Special oils are selected according to the condition of your body.  These massages will take you and your yoga practice to a whole new level. Induces deep relaxation, relieves tension and deepens your connection within.


 Head Massage

The Indian head massage is a marvelous traditional treatment for balancing and quieting the mind. Warm sesame oil is massaged into the scalp benefiting not only the hair but your state of mind and the whole body.  Combined with a facial, foot treatment or massage of your choice.



Helps relieve ear and nasal congestion.  Lymphatic points in the face, neck and shoulders are gently massaged, followed by ear candling.



Designed to help remove the toxins we accumulate in our daily life.  Includes an ion foot spa, body brushing to stimulate blood flow to the skin and remove dead cells and a massage with essential oils to eliminate toxins. This treatment requires advance booking.



“For years I had trouble with a bunion on my big toe on my right foot which turned into arthritis.  When I came to Prema Shanti and made an appointment with Suzanne for a massage, I had a lot of pain and could hardly move my toes.  Sue suggested I have a foot spa treatment and I could not believe the results.  For the first time after many years I was able to move my toes and no more pain.  Like a miracle.  I will be looking into purchasing one of those spas and hoping to get the same results moving forward.  Thank you Suzanne.”

“What an amazing way to start my holidays yay thanks Suzanne “

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