Freedom Through Commitment

The last century model of male, female relationship was fear based, unleashing an epidemic of loneliness upon the planet, where relationships are doomed before they begin. The “I love you if you love me” type of relationship, when the going gets tough, one or both of the protagonists are walking out the door. Going from one failed relationship into another, each relationship ending in heartbreak, anguish, suffering. Not understanding why or what has just happened to destroy their relationship. Where the premise that freedom is the ability to be able to end relationships whenever one chooses, to be able to walk out the door when it all becomes too much. The feeling of being trapped and wanting something different, better, or more. Enduring multiple relationships as history repeats itself. Spending your whole life in search for the one.

The amazing powerful extraordinary relationship you were born to experience can only be found within the paradigm that declares, true freedom is only found in a truly committed relationship. The ultimate symbol of commitment is marriage, not necessarily the old fashioned in a church type.  A personal formal sacred declaration of vows, stating the significance of the ceremony. What each of the participants means to the other, their non negotiable commitment to that union. Till this happens couples are not in a truly committed relationship. Once the vows are taken, the relationship is elevated to a whole new level which has to be experienced to be understood. When you know that your partner will never leave you, will always be there for you, that the grass will never be greener elsewhere, only then can you fully express the power of your love for your partner, your love grows with every day for that rare being who shares all with you through your journey of life.

To ensure the success of the marriage, each person must understand the truth, relationships are hard work. That each day is an opportunity to work on, and recreate their relationship. Understanding the importance of the need to work on their relationship every day, that each day is the first day of the rest of their lives, now is the moment to show, declare, experience love and respect for your partner. It is you, not them, who is responsible for the success of your union, each day you have the choice to choose love or egoistic arguments, there is no longer right and wrong in disagreements,  instead choose kindness and compromise. Strength is gentleness, to never take for granted any aspect of your relationship. To love means to respect, honor, listen and above all to communicate clearly and gently whatever you feel, so your partner knows where you are at, what is happening for you in the relationship. This is true freedom.

Love is exponential, it blossoms and grows in each moment, you are an embodiment of love, born from love, to share love, a spiritual truth which the union of marriage provides the carriage, to experience love beyond understanding. Non negotiable commitment to your relationship gives the assurance, safety and freedom so your partner can love you fully, freely knowing that you will always be there for them, no matter the circumstances. This is the freedom from fear that comes with a formal declaration of love that freedom through commitment espouses. This commitment gives both partners the confidence to fully explore the essence, the pinnacle of human endeavor, love. !!!