The Ultimate Trap

The Blame Game

There are two types of people in the world, empowered  and dis-empowered. Dis-empowerment comes in all shapes and forms, it occurs when one feels one has no control over events or circumstances in ones life. Dis-empowered people blame parents, partners ,spouses, society, government for the circumstances and  situations they find themselves in. They perceive themselves as victims of circumstance, not taking ownership or personal responsibility for whatever predicament they find themselves in. Dis empowered persons always blame external forces as the cause for their situation. This lack of accountability is also common in personal relationships, where its always the other person who is at fault.  This applies also in their relationships with others, family, society, governments etc.The exact opposite is true of empowered people, they hold themselves accountable for every single facet of their lives, they are totally responsible for their lives, their relationships, everything in their world is their responsibility.

The difference between the two is awareness, the empowered person is aware that they are accountable for every aspect of their lives, therefore they have the power to change, address and deal with every situation that arises. This empowerment, this awareness is behind every action, thought, in their lives. The empowered person confronts with frankness, honesty and integrity, all the challenges that come their way. The empowered person is courageous, finding the strength to deal with all the tests and challenges that living on this planet entails. The difference between being a victim or being accountable for ones life is awareness, that you have the power to choose who you are, and how you want to be about your life. The empowered person takes back their power by being accountable, the dis empowered gives their power away to who ever or whatever they perceive as being responsible for their predicament. The choice is always yours, who are you? an empowered person or a victim?.

Namaste Janardhan