What You Resist Persists

Tomorrow never comes, the now is all there is, so with this realisation, my prevarication ends, my blog is born, It seems I had been dragging my heels for an eternity, mentally committing to writing my blog, but never putting pen to paper. My delusion that I as a man of action, that my word was law, that what I say I do, a feeble pronouncement, so I girded my loins sat down to the computer and started. What I resisted had truly persisted, as the words flowed, a new lightness in my being began, as I merrily expounded to the many students who pass through the hallowed halls of Prema Shanti, the first law of empowerment is to honour your word! What you say is who you are, when ever you do what you say you will do, your will-power strengthens, conversely when you say you will do something and don’t do it, your will-power weakens. When you realise this truth, and make the decision that from this point forward, you are your word, your life changes, your inherent nature as an empowered person dominates all aspects of your life.

You move from struggling to achieve, to accomplishment, so simple, but also challenging, when you watch your word, you police what comes out of your mouth, when you are not your word, your notice it, commit to doing better next time, and do so. The benefits of being your word flow through into all aspects of your life, people become aware you get things done, life’s challenges become opportunities, you goals become landmarks of achievement, your conscience becomes clear, fear diminishes,all this just by being your word. Apply this golden law into your life, resistance in all its many manifestation’s fade like the morning mist before the sun,so now my first blog finished, I can put my feet up, bathe in the accomplishment of completion, and have a cup of tea, till the next time.

Namaste’ Janardhan