Nothing but Miracles

The wise see wonder in all things!

What is reality? ask this question and you will receive a bewildering array of answers depending on who you ask, a quantum physicist may reply, reality is a 3 dimensional hologram filled with sub-atomic particles moving at 67,000 miles per hour, held in a gravitational force field, moving around a nebulous molten ball of gas we refer to as the sun, a mystic may reply, its all Maya an illusion, you are the dreamer dreaming the dream of life, the atheist will say, its what you can see, feel.and  touch. Perception is reality, Albert Einstein posed this question to a colleague, is the moon there when you are not looking? We have all heard the saying you can not see the woods for the trees, each fashions the world according to his beliefs, experiences, perceptions.

When one truly studies the world around, the beauty in the sunset, the awesome splendor of the night-sky, the milky way in all its glory, the power of love, we find that words limit the infinite, and mathematics becomes the language that explains the universe. Nature is our teacher, you wonder how does the acorn grow into the mighty oak tree?  the mind boggles at the intricate complexity in this interconnected world around us. How and why does nature work so well? , when one truly sees the wonders that surround us, the innate ability to see, laugh, love, touch, experience, grow. How can one not perceive the intelligence behind the creation?. Where did this intelligence originate?.The Darwinian evolution from the primordial soup to civilization as we know it to-day.

This wonder of creation, and how we got here. This was the beginning of the human quest to make sense of the world, and ones place in that world, the eternal questions that beget us, where have I come from?, how did I get here?, where am I going when I die?, is there a God?,  if so, what is its purpose?, why is there suffering?. Thus began religion, science, education, all seeking to explain, give purpose, to this human dilemma, this need to know the answers to the questions that have baffled mankind.  As science and technology evolves in leaps and bounds, new discoveries in the fields of medicine, technology, science,  gives us insights into how our mysterious and beautiful universe unfolds. Unfortunately this advancement in technology and scientific achievement has not correlated into a less stressful peaceful lifestyle for most of the inhabitants on our planet.

Here-in lies the paradox, why has stress, unhappiness, loneliness, mental health exploded exponentially across all levels of society?. Yet to change the world for the better, you only need to change yourself, change your perceptions, the world changes immediately, so simple but so hard, people find it easier to try to change others, save the rain forests etc, than to change just one bad habit. Mankind only addresses its issues when it has no choice, mostly through pain and suffering, when ones individual agitation, pain, personal suffering reaches breaking point, only then do we then stop, look, reassess, reach out and seek ways to address, remove, and empower our lives.

Pain and suffering is the motivator behind change. If you made the decision now to embrace the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,  with the wisdom and knowledge that every single event that occurs in your life is for your higher good. How would your life look?. Your cup is now always half full, you find the strength within to deal with each challenge in your life as it occurs, no matter how traumatic or calamitous it appears to be. As you cannot control the events or circumstances in life,  you can change how you are about what occurs in your life. This is the key to self empowerment. Your perception s of life creates your reality, change your perceptions,  change your life.  so simple. Be the positive and powerful person you are, create the amazing extraordinary life you are destined to lead,  right here, right now!……

Namaste Janardhan