Life Without Limits

Are you having an amazing extraordinary powerful life? do you embrace the wonder of possibility? are your relationships with your partner, family, and friends, healthy and robust? are you passionate and exited about your life? are you living the dream? If your answer to any of  these questions is no, then seize this moment to change your life. This change occurs the instant you to decide to. There are only two things in life, that that serves you, and that that does not. Its the ability to distinguish between the two. What is working in your life?, and finding the strength to let go of that that is not working for you. This is the difference between living an amazing powerful extraordinary life or living the opposite. Self enquiry is the key to unlocking your potentiality, making empowered choices, implementing them, then moving forward with your life. Prevarication is the enemy of leading an empowered life, when one realises that  there is no right or wrong choices in life, then freedom comes into your decision making. Always make a considered judgement with your choices in life, weighing up your options before making your choice, and then go with it, listen to you intuition, feel what to do, don’t think, feel, listen to the dictates of your conscience, once your decision is made, you stand by it.

Awareness is the tool you utilise to empower your life, confront your shadow side, all the fears and anxiety’s that prevent you from realising your full potential, when you shine the light of discernment into your fear, embracing your fear, confronting your fear, it dissipates and loses its power over you. Anxiety is the result of inaction, when the underlying feeling of helplessness is created by sitting on your fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The reality is the only fear you should have is to live the unfulfilled life, when its time to leave your mortal coil, and you look back over your life, did you laugh, love, live, give, and have a go? Remember the future never happens, the past is gone, now is the only moment you will ever have, use this precious moment to embrace your wonderful life, examine this moment to feel if you need to address any fear, anxiety, issue that doesn’t serve you, then let it go, easy as that. If you cant then look at what the pay off to you is for holding on to it. Life is a game where the challenge is you, the only challenge in life is yourself. Are you up for the challenge of creating your amazing extraordinary powerful life?.

Namaste Janardhan